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"Maro, Maro you need to get up now."

I slowly opened my eyes to see L standing over me. "Mmmm…" I closed my

eyes and yawned. "Five more minutes…?"

He smiled. "That would be nice, but the others will be here soon."

I yawned again. "Fine…" I slowly stood up, but it was a little too fast, and I felt

dizzy. I stumbled forward and accidently ran into L. I gasped when I felt him gently grip

my shoulders to keep me from falling.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

I slowly looked up at him. "Mhmm… Sorry about that." I smiled a little.

We stared at each other for awhile, and, for some reason, I wanted to stay like that

forever. I had the strange urge to lean in, and, as if he could read my mind, L started to

lean in. I was about to do the same when I heard the door open and close. We both turned

our heads toward the door, it was Reicheru.

"Hey guys- … Wow. Uhhh… What's going on here?"

L calmly let go of my shoulders. "She was dizzy. I was making sure she didn't

fall." He walked into a closet and later came out carrying a few boxes.

Reicheru looked at me then helped him take boxes out of the closet. I walked over

to the stack of boxes and placed them around the room. I opened them and some had

tapes and others had folders. I was kind of mad now, why did Reicheru have to walk in?!

Later on the Chief finally showed up. We finally got all the boxes out of the closet

and Reicheru left so we could watch the cameras. L pulled up a chair in front of 12 small

TVs he had placed up with different footage on each. He sat down in his weird way and

put him thumb to his lips. The Chief looked at a piece of paper.

"Hmmm… Hey, Ryuzaki," said the Chief.


"I've been thinking about the purse snatcher and his heart attack. It seems that my

family couldn't have had any knowledge of them before they died. Shouldn't that resolve

any doubts you have?"

L picked up his fork from his cake he was eating earlier. He then started tapping it

against his teeth. "You may be right. Even though Kira can control the time of death, I

don't think there's any way he could've arranged that death without having seen the

broadcast first. Hm?" He lowered his fork and put it back next to his cake on the table.

"Your son has come home." L said in a creepy voice.

I smiled then looked at the TV. Light came into the house and went straight to his

room. He turned on his light then turned on the small TV by his desk. He watched TV for

awhile and occasionally wrote on his book. He then grabbed his coat and left his room.

Light… What is up with that kid?


We all sat on couches around a table that L had candy laid out on. He sat in a

chair at the head of the table. The guys at the Task Force had been working so much they

had forgotten to shave lately…

"In the past few days, I've listened to all our audio recordings, and reviewed all

the video we've captured. I've gone over them many times." L took out a Reese Peanut

Butter Cup. "And I've come to a conclusion. Our surveillance of the Kitamura and

Yagami house holds has revealed…"

Everyone stared at him, waiting for his response.

L brought the candy up to his lips. "Nothing."

The Chief sighed in relief.

L put the candy in his mouth and spoke between bites. "Mmm… We'll remove

the cameras and wire taps."

Matsuda sighed. "After all that and we still have no suspects…"

The Chief sat up and looked at him, adjusting his glasses. "It's alright Matsuda.

We'll have to pursue other leads, but we'll get him."

"Mmm… Mmm…" L ate another candy. "Please don't get the wrong idea."

The Chief looked back at him. "Huh?"

L licked his finger. "I only said we weren't able to reveal anything suspicious

based on our surveillance." He went back to licking his fingers.

Reicheru giggled.

"What?!" The Chief gasped, staring at L in shock.

"Even if Kira was among them, I'm sure he wouldn't make it obvious. No! In fact

it could mean he was able to continue killing without doing anything outwardly

suspicious." L picked up a cup of tea and sipped it.

The Chief looked at L sadly. "Well… Then you do believe Kira is among one of

those families?"

L started to stir his tea. "As I've said," he stopped stirring and looked at the Chief,

"there's a 5% chance." He went back to stirring and he stared at his tea. We all stared at

him while sitting on the edge of our seats.

Could Light really be Kira? L only seems to suspect him out of anyone else.

"Kira never stopped killing people even when the surveillance cameras were in

place." He removed the spoon from the tea and let a few drops come off the spoon. It was

so quiet you could hear it. Blip, Blip. He stared to space out. He just sat there,

emotionless. After a few seconds he looked up, but he still said nothing. He later looked

back down at his feet, and I was starting to get worried about him.

What is he thinking? I asked myself.

After awhile he finally set his cup on a matching plate then put his thumb to his


"A-Are you alright Ryuzaki?" Reicheru finally asked.

He looked up. "Oh, yes, well. You may all return home now, you've worked


We all got up and the boys quickly left. I of course took awhile to get my stuff

together, and Reicheru actually stayed with me this time.

"Maro." L said before we left.

I looked back at him. "Yes Ryuzaki?"

"Watari went and got gas for your car earlier."

"Oh, right. Thank you, and tell Watari thanks for me to."

"Alright." He then walked to his bedroom.

Reicheru and I left the apartment and walked out to the parking lot in silence.

Finally Reicheru decided to break the silence.

"So, you and Ryuzaki. What's going on?"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh come on, do you really expect me to believe that you really were dizzy?"

"I was." I said blankly.

She stepped in front of me and I stopped. "Maro, c'mon! You're my best friend, I

know you better then that. You like L, don't you?"

"I like him as a boss." I walked around her and continued walking.

"Riiiiiight. More like you're 'in-love' with your boss."

"You can think whatever you like."

"Just admit it already!"

I stopped and glared at her. "Admit what?! There's nothing to admit! I don't love

Ryuzaki and he doesn't love me!"

She crossed her arm.

"You're the one who seems to like him, unlike me." I went back to walking

towards the car.

"Pfft! What the heck are you talking about? I've never even gotten close to

kissing Ryuzaki, and I don't spend much time with him at all." She followed me.

"Heck, the first moment we met him you thought he was adorable. Then you

started calling him smart and now and then giggle at things he has to say."

She chuckled. "You sound jealous."

I stopped. "I am not! Now be quiet before I refuse to drive you home." I walked

over to the car and unlocked the doors.

Reicheru grinned and followed. "Yeah, yeah, whatever."

Once I dropped Reicheru at her place I went back to my apartment. I walked in

the door and as soon as I closed it behind me the phone rang. I threw my stuff on my bed

and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello Maro, sorry to bother you but I have a favor to ask of you."

"What's that?"

"I've decided to spy on Light myself in person. And-"

"Wait a second! What if he is Kira and kills you?!"

"I'm well aware of that possibility but Kira needs a name and a face. And as you

know… No one knows my name."

I put a hand on my hip. "True… So what's this favor?"

"Since I'm going to be running around in person I was wondering if you'd come

with me, just for any precautions."

"But why me?"

"Well, first of all it would be too obvious with the other guys that I wasn't a

normal teenager. But if I brought a girl you could pretend to be my sister or cousin."

"Why not Reicheru?"

He sighed. "Reicheru would get on my nerves after awhile."

I smiled. "I see. Okay, I'll do it."

"Excellent. Come in early tomorrow morning, we're going to school."

"Oh joy…"

~~~~THE NEXT DAY~~~~

I drove to L's hotel and quickly ran up to his apartment building. I opened the

door and went inside. Oops, I guess I should've knocked. "Ryuzaki?"

L walked over wearing his normal outfit but he actually had shoes on this time.

"Uhh… Aren't you going to… you know… dress better?"

"I don't see no reason to."

I was wearing a short black skirt with black boots, black fingerless gloves, and a

black shirt that only covered one shoulder then the other sleeve hanged on my arm. The

shirt had a skull with purple hearts and red music notes.

"Let's go."

I nodded and followed L out of the hotel. Watari was standing in front of a limo

which we both got into. We sat in the car for a few awkward moments until L finally


"Oh, right. From now on you'll be using your fake ID."

"Uhh… Which was…?"

"Kasumi Kiri."

"Oh… Uhh... Sounds… Interesting."

"Do you not like it?"

"No, no, it's not that."

"… My name is now Hideki Ryuuga."

"Dang, how many different names of yours do I have to learn?"

He smiled. "I hope you have a good memory."

Watari stopped the limo then got out and opened the door for us. We slid out and

thanked Watari then went to class. It was a huge room with rows and rows and rows of

desks! There were tons of students, all of different ages. There was a teacher at the front

of the class and L and I were given student numbers. We then sat down and I stared at my


"You got to be kidding me…" I mumbled.

A few minutes later we saw Light come in. He was a very handsome teen. He had
light brown hair and eyes. He sat at his desk and stared at his test as well. After a few

more minutes the teacher looked at his watch.

"And… Begin."

We all picked up our pencils and opened our test. Greaaaaaat! I thought this was

over when I had passed college… I thought to myself. Some of the problems were easy,

some were hard. I quickly glanced at L; he was flying through the test. I smiled then went

back to my test. I heard the teacher walking our way. CRAP! Did he think I was


"You! Student 162! Sit properly in your chair." The teacher scolded L.

We looked down and saw Light look up at us. L and Light seemed to stare at each

other for a LONG time! It was an epic stare down between to enemies, or at least soon to



I walked with L to the college where he would get to make a speech for getting

the best grade on the test. He got the same score as Light, they were both brilliant. I

didn't do bad on my test, but no where near as good as either of them. We walked down

the side walk with had cherry blossoms everywhere. It seemed so… peaceful. I looked at

L then back at the falling cherry blossoms. It was so pretty, it seemed like heaven.

We stopped at the entrance and looked at the beautiful college before us. A huge

sign said, 'Heisei 19 Touou University Entrance Ceremony.' The building had lots of

windows that reflected the suns beautiful rays, and it even had somewhat of a Chinese

style to it. When we went inside the place was HUGE! There were students and teachers

everywhere. L and I took a seat near the front. A little Later Light showed up and sat next

to L. Apparently he didn't remember him from a few days ago, then again that was


"Now for the freshman address. Freshman representative, Light Yagami," said a

man on the stage.

"Yes." Light got up and stood tall.

I smirked. Snotty little brat.

He slowly started to walk up when the man spoke again. "And freshman

Representative, Hideki Ryuuga."

Everyone gasped.

"Is that Hideki Ryuuga the pop model?" I heard some boy whisper to another boy

behind me.

"No way is he smart enough to get into a school like this," replied the other boy.

"Oh… Here." L said as he stood up and followed Light.

"Yeah you're right. He doesn't look anything like the real Hideki Ryuuga."

I watched L follow Light. Compared to Light he probably looked like and idiot or

a slacker. But unlike anyone probably knew, L was way smarter then Light. Light

occasionally glanced back at L, I guess he remember him now. When they were both on

the stage in front of the whole school, Light picked up a piece of paper on the desk before

him and spoke into the microphone.

"As all of us embark on this new chapter of our lives-," Light began.

"The student who scores highest on the test is supposed to give the speech, right?"

said the boy behind me again.

"I guess they both must've had the highest score this year." Replied the other.

I was kind of ticked because I couldn't really hear with them talking. But then

again, I really didn't care what Light had to say. He seemed like a nice and smart boy, but

something about him… Something was off. He always seemed to be thinking constantly

and he glanced around a lot.

"I heard they both had perfect scores in all subjects." Another boy said, joining in

on the conversation.

"Seriously?!" The first boy asked shockingly.

"It's hard to believe that there are actually people like that," said the second.

"I think I'm in love with the one in the white." I heard a girl behind me over to the

right say. I looked back, yeah, she looked like a nerd. I looked back at Light.

"What?! You're so weird. Look at how he's dressed!" I heard her friend say.

I wanted to turn around and punch both of them. How dare that girl say that about

L! Looks aren't everything; people are just too stupid to understand that.

Light finished his speech and everyone clapped, except me. Light bowed, he

looked happy.

"Man, these two are total opposites," said the first boy again.

"Yeah." Agreed the second. "Light looks like a sheltered genius who's been

groomed for success his whole life! "But the other one…"

L began to read the same speak that Light read. It was a little choppy and blank.

He probably didn't really care because he probably finished college years ago.

"…There's something not right about him…" The second boy finished. "He's just

freakin' weird! Coming to the ceremony dressed like that! Either he's crazy or-"

Okay, I had heard enough. I quickly turned around and raised my fist to both of

them. "If you two don't shut up I'll drag you both outside and beat you two to death!

Now shut up and stop talking bad about my cousin!"

They stared at me shocked. The second boy rubbed the back of his neck. "Oh, u-

uh sorry I didn't know you knew him."

"Well now you know."

L finished his speech and everyone clapped. I quickly turned back around and

clapped as well. Light bowed again and L just scratched his head, not really caring about

any of this and just wanted to get to knowing Light. They both slowly stared walking

down the steps and I could see L whispering to Light. They both sat back down and now

I could hear what L was whispering to him about.

"You're planning to join the police agency when you graduate. And you've

already got experience, seeing that you've helped the police solve a number of cases in

the past. Now, you're showing interest in the Kira case. I'm impressed by your abilities

and your sense of justice. If you promise not to tell anyone about this I have important

information concerning the Kira investigation that I would like to share with you."

Light glanced at him, he seemed emotionless. He almost looked like a statue. L

glanced back, there was a small hint of a smile on his face.

Light finally closed his eyes. "I won't tell anyone. What is it?" He whispered


Everything seemed to become silent. I swear everything froze and it felt like we

were the only three in the whole ceremony. I could hear my heart beat inside my chest.

What would L say?

L quickly turned his head to Light. "I wanted to tell you, I'm L." He whispered


Light's eyes widened, but he didn't look at him. His hands and knees shacked a

bit and his eyes seemed to be scanning something. He finally closed his eyes after a few

seconds and seemed to calm down. He squeezed his eyes shut after awhile and his hands

tensed back up.

Don't even try to hide it kid. I thought.

He turned to L, with a serious almost furious look on his face. "If you are who

you say you are, you have nothing but my respect and admiration." Light finally said.

I growled and sat back. Dumb Kid.

"Thank you. The reason I chose to reveal my identity to you was because I think

you could be of some help to us on the Kira investigation." L looked back foreword and

wrapped his arms around his knees and rested his head on his knees as well.

Light too looked foreword and remained sitting straight. He almost seemed too


L said it was a 5% chance he was Kira. The way he reacted earlier seems to

higher that chance for me. Did L see his reaction? I hope so or else I might sound like an

idiot later. What if Kira could kill without a name and a face? What if L died because of

this?! No… I need to calm down my mind…

I sighed and closed my eyes. I think I fell asleep because I couldn't remember the

rest of the ceremony. All I remember was waking up to L shaking my shoulder.

"The ceremony is over. Let's go back to the hotel."

I yawned. "Alright."

I got up and followed L out of the ceremony to the limo parked in the pick-up

line. Watari stood there waiting to get the door for us. While we were walking towards it

we saw Light.

"Hey Light." L called.

Light walked a little closer.

"Nice meeting you." L said in the cutest voice ever.

"No, the pleasure was mine." Light smiled a bit.

"By the way, this is my cousin, Kasumi Kiri."

Light bowed. "It's nice to meet you."

"Nice meeting you too. I never knew anyone who was as smart as my cousin." I

gave a small smile.

L walked back towards the limo and I followed close behind. Watari opened the

door and when everyone noticed L was the one going to be riding the limo they all stood

around looking at us in amazement.

"What an amazing car!" I heard a boy said.

"A limo?!" Another asked surprised.

Light followed us over, he didn't seem surprised at all. I got in the car and L

looked back at Light.

"Well, I'm sure we'll see you on campus."

"Yeah… Take care."

L got in the car and Watari shut the door behind us. Watari then got in the divers

seat and we drove off.

I sat back and put my hands behind my head. "Well that was interesting."

L put his thumb to his lips. "Yes… Very."

"So, has your percentage gone up yet?"

"No, it's still the same. Light seems to… perfect. I still do suspect him though, he

is very smart after all."

I sat up and looked at him causing him to look back at me. "How do you know

there even is a Kira? I mean really, unless it was some kind of… creepy poison I really

don't see how someone could be behind this. They're all natural deaths pretty much.

Heart attacks… Are they really possible to control? And getting hit by buses or suicide,

what if they're just normal?"

"It can't be. Never in my life have I seen so many criminals die. Besides, if they

were just natural, why only criminals and the ones that stand in Kira's way?"

I sat back and lowered my head. "I guess you're right…" I smiled and looked

back at him. "As always."

He smiled back and we were quiet the rest of the way home.
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