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February 26, 2011
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The End

Once L and Maro's honeymoon was over L quickly went back to his job of being

L. He tutored Near and Maro always loved watching Near play with his toys while L ate

candy. Since Watari was gone Maro had to bring L all his necessary sweets. She didn't

mind though, listening to the love of her life asking her favors made her happy. Maro

always did what she could to please L, which she was always successful.

L always loved having her around, even when he was busy. She was always

willing to listen and give him advise when he needed it. Whenever he was stressed she

always had a way of calming him down. Was their relationship perfect? No. Sometimes

Maro had her emotional days and she'd get very upset with how L was always working,

but they would both settle it out in a matter of days, no matter how big the fight.

Maro and L both treated Near as if he were their own son. Since he acted so

young and looked it too no one really thought strangely of them when Maro would take

him to the park for breaks.

When L went to see the Task Force they were completely shocked. Actually… the

only members left were Matsuda and Aizawa now. Of course Matsuda had a lot of

questions and Aizawa just couldn't believe his eyes.

A lot of people were very grateful to L but all the remaining Kira worshipers were

furious. Some threatened to gang up and kill him, which never happened. No one was

going to take L away from Maro as long as she lived, no matter what.

Maro and L didn't usually ever go to their house so they ended up buying one in

Hawaii so they could go there on vacation. L finally got the hang of surfing and Maro

was a pro. When she ever came to Hawaii all the teenagers tried to beat her in a

surfing contest, but failed.

Even and 25-years old Maro still looked like a teenager, and so did L, who was 31

now. When the Task Force found out about their marriage they were a bit concerned,

considering the age difference between them. Of course neither of them care, they were

happy and had a better relationship than most people.

Matsuda did always flirt and admire other girls, but Maro could tell he never truly

got over Reicheru. Yes she wasn't a hot model, but she was a pretty girl and was kind,

unlike most hot girls.

Like L had promised, him and Maro stayed together and traveled the world. L had

a really hard time getting Maro away from America whenever they visited though.  Maro

loved all the states, except the cold ones…

When Maro was 28 she got pregnant with twins. She was terrified to tell L

because she was afraid he'd never want them. He eventually found out on his own though

when she started getting morning sickness and wasn't as slim anymore. He wasn't very

happy at first but it wasn't the babies or Maro's fault, it was his own. He was afraid he'd

make a horrible father the way he was always so wrapped up with work. No matter how

much Maro tried to tell him he'd make a great father he never believed her.

Since Maro was such a small girl her belly was easily seen after just three months.

Near of course never showed emotion really but he did seem a bit excited. With the Task

Force on the other hand they were not very happy. Aizawa lectured L about how he was

letting his social life get it the way of his duty, and Matsuda was just jealous L got a

happy ending with the girl he loved, which was completely understandable.

Gevanni would always take Maro to her doctor appointments since L tried his

best to never go out in public. Maro was a bit upset about this but she tried her best to


Now L was the one who had to do favors for Maro. When she was 7 months

pregnant she got very cranky and needy. She was always hungry and with the babies

bruising her from the inside she was cranky and tired a lot. L never minded though, when

he found she was pregnant he researched all about it and learned about how much pain

she must be in.

He always tried to take time off whenever she wanted him to spend time with her

and he always stopped whatever he was doing when she got hungry. The only thing that

made him upset was that she was eating all of his candy. ( :D ) The one thing he loved the

most was when Maro was fast asleep and he could feel her stomach for the babies

movements. Even though he had seen some pretty amazing things the thing that amazed

him the most was knowing Maro was carrying the two kids they created. It made him

happier than anything else.

When Maro went into labor it was when they were at their beach house. To make

things even worse it was in the middle of the night. Since L was always up late he wasn't

tired but he didn't have a car to get her to the hospital and it was far away. He did call

them but he had to deliver both the kids which was something he sure never learned how

to do. The big problem was since Maro was so small she had a real hard time and a few

times L wasn't sure if she'd make it… but in the end everyone was fine, except L's


They had two beautiful and healthy baby boys which they named Chōnan and

Sutōmu. Chōnan was the first to be born but he was the shortest. Since Maro and L

looked a lot a like they couldn't exactly tell who looked more like who, but they both

decided Chōnan looked more like Maro. He had baby blue eyes and already had some

black hair, and or course he was pale, just like both his parents.

Sutōmu looked more like L with his gray eyes, but they weren't big like L's. The

little hair that he had was slightly spiky which made Maro laugh whenever she saw it.

When you looked at either one of them you could just tell they were going to be genius

just like their father. They had Near fly down to see them and even he couldn't help but

think they were adorable.

When they got back to Japan though, Aizawa once again lectured L. Matsuda

thought they were cute and all but they always grabbed his fingers and wouldn't let go.

But unlike L had thought he ended up being a great father. He always wanted to

hold them or feed them, in anyway he could help. Sometimes if he was at work too long

he'd hold one of the twins so he could spend time with them. The only thing that

concerned Maro was how he held them, which was always with one arm, but he never

dropped them.

When they were old enough to go to school L taught them until high school,

which they both made them go to. Since both of them slouched like their father and

looked a lot like him the girls all thought they were adorable. Even though a lot of

people tried to hang out around them the two twins always stuck together.  

When L was 55 he retired and Near became L. Maro and L then went back to

their beach house and the twins stayed with Near in order to become the next L. They

decided to both work together at the job, since they both loved each other so much.

Nothing could ever separate these twins, which was surprising because most twins don't

get along…

Even when they were older Maro and L still looked in their 30s. They lived

happily in Hawaii and got many visits from their sons. Neither of the boys got married,

which disappointed Maro a bit… but they both became a great L when their parents

passed away.

L died when he was 83 because of a broken heart. Maro died at 75 because she

had been very depressed as a child and wasn't taken care of properly. After Maro had

died L stayed with his sons who struggled to keep him alive. They had to force feed him

and they both took turns on who was L for the day and who took care of their father.

After struggling to live for two years L eventually died in his sleep…

But even this story has a happy ending because Maro and L had a great life

together and they got to continue it even after death in the heavens above. The twins

missed their parents so much, but they were glad they were together again. No one would

ever be able to match the love L and Maro had had for each other all those years. And to

think they were brought together by the worlds greatest disaster…

I almost cried making this chapter! :( I hate ending a great story... I'm sorry I didn't write this all out but I knew it'd take forever to write all these in full detail. If you do want me to write a chapter about one of these moments though I'll try. Of course I'll still make plently of LXMaro stories but this is the end of 'Love Starts With L.' I'd like to thank all my fans and I hope you all really enjoyed it. You never have to ask permission from me to write or draw an LXMaro thing the only rule I have is you have to link it to me. :P
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