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The Chief looked horrible absolutely horrible and Misa and Light looked really


L turned on the microphone. "Mr. Yagami, are you alright? There's no reason for

you to keep doing this to yourself."

The Chief was leaned over in his chair. He looked weak and tired. He probably

smelt horrible. "It's been over a month since Kira started killing criminals again... And as

far as I'm concerned that's all the proof I need to know that my son isn't Kira…" he

replied tiredly. "So then all that's left is for you to be sure. One way or another, when I

get out of here, it will be with my son."

"Wow, the Chief can be pretty stubborn," whispered Matsuda.

"He's an amazing guy for his age." Reicheru whispered back.

I playfully glared back at her. "He is not old!" I yelled quietly.

L quickly turned on Light's microphone. "Light, how are you feeling right now?"

I looked at the TV to find Light laying on the floor next to his bed. He slowly

lifted his head and moaned. "Uhhh… I'm okay. Ryuzaki, I-I know that the time I've been

in prison no new criminals had died, however, that suggests to me that Kira is someone

who knows what situation I'm in. And-"

"No Light." L said sternly. "The reason criminals have stopped dying is because

you are Kira."

Light looked worriedly at the camera. "No! I'm not Kira! How many times do I

have to say it?!"

"This is just cruel. I don't care if he is a suspect, Light still has the right to know

that criminals are being killed again." Aizawa growled.

I glared back at him. "Just a few weeks ago you said you didn't care what anyone

said and that he was Kira. So what right does he have?"

Aizawa gasped then looked down.

I turned back around and L quickly turned on Misa's microphone. "Amane."

Misa was sitting in her chair hunched over. She looked dead… "Yes…" she


"Are you okay? You seem tired."

"Is that supposed to be funny? How do you expect me to look after being tied up

and questioned for this many days…?"

"Hm, that's true." L said plainly. It almost made me laugh.

"Please just let me go…" she moaned. "I want to see Light… Please… Light…

Let me…" she whimpered.

"U-u-uh… I'm not sure how much more of this the three can take." Matsuda


"Ryuzaki! You have no more reason to keep Light locked up anymore!" Aizawa

shouted. "Do the right thing and let him go! Then we can get the Chief out too!"

"Ryuzaki…" Reicheru mumbled. "There has to be another way of doing this…"

"Criminals are still being killed! You know that much so what are you waiting

for?!" Aizawa snapped.

L licked his finger and kept his eyes on the TV. I wasn't sure who to side with. It

was true the killings had continued, but everything had led up to them until now… What
happened to them? It's as if Light and Misa became new people after a few days. What's

going on…?

"Not true, all we know now is that Amane has a strong devotion for Light

Yagami." L replied.

I smiled and glanced back at Aizawa. He looked pissed and confused.

"Ryuzaki, I'm sorry but from all due respect from where I'm standing it's starting

to look like you're only doing this because you don't want to admit you're wrong about


"Yes, I figured you'd say that."

"Okay fine! But we do know that Kira killed Lind. L. Tailor and those FBI agents,

right? As Light said, if Kira could kill while under surveillance and without access to

information there would've been no need! If they didn't pose a threat to him, then why

would he bother killing them? Kira doesn't kill without good reason, I've heard you say

so yourself on more then one occasion."

"Ohhh, I see." Matsuda said. "If he was able to kill under these circumstances,

then he wouldn't have been concerned about those FBI agents In the first place!"

L ran his finger on the inside of his ice cream bowl then brought it to his lips and

licked his finger clean. He was the type to not really care what anyone said.

"It's already been fifty days. There's no point to this anymore. Ryuzaki! It's time

to start looking for the real Kira."

L stared at the TV. Would his listen to Aizawa? L was smarter then us all… Light

had to be Kira! I could almost feel it! Or was it just because I loved L that I would agree

on anything he'd say…? No… That wasn't the case… Light had to be Kira, no one else

fit the position! He looked down and reached his finger towards the cup but flinched and

pulled back. What was he thinking…?

"Yes I understand…" L turned on the Chief's microphone. "Mr. Yagami."

The Chief slightly turned his head to the camera. "Yes… What is it…?"

"Would you be willing to come to headquarters just once? I'd like to discuss my

thoughts with you but it must be done in person. However, above all else I need to talk to

you as Light's father."

"Alright, I'll come."

L called Watari and told him to bring the Chief up in a few minutes. He stood up

and looked at all of us after the call.

"I must speak with the Chief alone. You may all go home for today."

We all bowed and the three of them left. I grabbed my bag and went to leave but

L quickly ran in front of me.

"Let me guess, you want my opinion on something?"

He smiled. "For once you're wrong. No, but I think my plan may bring this all to

an end, or to a new beginning."

"What is your plan?"

"You'll see soon, if the Chief is willing to cooperate."

"Then why did you…?"

L leaned in and kissed me. He slowly pulled away then hugged me close. "No

matter which path this goes, I'll still be with you."

I hugged him back then gave him a quick kiss. "I'm glad to hear that… Will I see

you tomorrow…?"

He smiled. "Maybe, I might be busy." He kissed my forehead. "I'll see you soon."

I smiled and waved. "Alright." I walked out of the room. What could L be

planning this time…?


L had finally told us his plan and now it was in process. The Chief had taken Misa

and Aizawa had taken Light. This was all part of our plan to see if they were really Kira

and the second Kira. Right now the Chief and Aizawa were probably driving them to

some abandoned place to take them to execution. L, Reicheru, Matsuda, and I were

sitting around the TV. We had a video camera in Aizawa's car so what we could hear and

see what was going on.

Aizawa finally took Light out of the car. We couldn't really understand what they

were saying once they were out. Soon Misa and Light sat in the back seats and the Chief

sat in the drivers seat. They began driving out of the empty tunnel and Misa and Light

looked happy. I smiled. Well, they wouldn't be for long.

"I was starting to think I'd never get out of there," said Light. "It feels good to

finally be cleared."

"No…" growled the Chief.

Misa gasped and looked at him funny.

"I am afraid you two are being taken to… your execution."

Light and Misa gasped. Wow, how I'd hate to be them right now.

"I wanted to be the one to escort you to the execution site. It was secretly built in

an underground facility not far from here." The Chief said calmly.

"What execution?!" Light snapped.

"What are you talking about?!" Misa whimpered.

"L is convinced you are Kira, Light. And that Misa Amane is the second Kira. He

is convinced that the only way we can prevent the murders is to execute the two of you."

"I-I don't understand! The killings have already stopped!" Light yelled confused.

"No, they never stopped."

"T-They never…" Light's voice trailed off. "That's not what he told me… So he

was lying?"

"L was trying to get a confession out of you, Light. He would have said anything,

but at this point that isn't the problem. It's political now, you see that L's suggestion that

the killings will stop if you two are eliminated. It was excepted by top officials of the

Japanese government. They want Kira to disappear, no trial, nothing."

Light and Misa immediately leaned forward.

"But that's completely insane!" Light shouted. "Please dad! I'm not Kira!

"Light's right! What kind of father are you anyway?! This is your own son you're

talking about!"

"L made this decision, not me. And his word is absolute. Over the years he's

tackled the most difficult cases, solving all of them. He's never been wrong."

Light glared at him. "You trust L and not me? Your own son?"

"L risked his life on this theory, 'If the killings don't stop, you two will be


Light gasped. "L said that? W-What could he be thinking?! I-I know the evidence

leads to me but… he's making a mistake! H-How could L come to this conclusion?

Something's not right here… It's just- It's not like L at all! The L I know would rely on

hard evidence. It's- He has to have the truth! Is he really trying to end it like this?!" Light

yelled with panic in his voice.

I heard my heart beating hard. This was really intense!

"Alright, we're almost there," the Chief finally said.

They must have finally exited the tunnel because light poured through the

windows. The Chief turned the wheel to the right and there car went over a few bumps.

Light and Misa bounced in the back seat until the car came to a stop. They looked around

confused, they weren't at the execution facility…

"Where are we right now…?" Light asked quietly. "W-Why did you bring us out

in the middle of no where? Where is this?"

Misa suddenly smiled. "Wait a sec! I bet he brought us out here to let us go!"

"This will do, it looks like there is nobody around to se us out here. I decided it

would be better for us if I brought you here instead then the execution site."

There was a long pause until the Chief glanced back at them and continued.

"Listen to me, I'm going to kill you here then kill myself."

Light and Misa gasped then started to panic. Misa shook her head furiously and

Light stared at his father in shock.

"What are you talking about dad?! You can't, that's crazy!" Light squirmed.

Tears streamed out of Misa's eyes. "How can you say that?! You'd kill your only

son for L?! If you wanna die so bad why don't you kill yourself?! If you do this, you're

no different than Kira!"

"I am nothing like Kira!" The Chief turned his head back. "I am bound by my

responsibilities as a parent and as a chief of the NPA."

"Dad come on! She's right! Think about it, if we die here the truth will never be

revealed! Please dad you have to let us esc-"

The Chief reached into his coat. "It's too late!"

Light gasped and tears began to stream from his eyes.

"Either way, you'll be executed. At least with this I'll be the one to do it." The

Chief growled as he pulled out a pistol and held it to his son's head.

Light began gasping for air. "P-Please stop dad! I'm not Kira!" Light began to

struggle against the handcuffs. "If I die here Kira wins! Can't you see-"

The Chief brought the gun against his forehead causing Light to gasp. I stared

wide eyed at the screen. This was like a movie, and it being on a TV made it seem ever

more so.

"Amane, I'm going to die here with my son, but I have no reason to kill you. Do

you understand what I'm saying?"

Misa was cowering in the corner with tears filling her eyes. A scared look was

painted across her face as she whimpered in fright.

"It will only be a matter of time before the police identify this car, then they'll

transport you to the original site, and execute you there." He put his finger on the trigger

causing Light to gasp. "Light, my son, from one murder to another. I'll see you in hell."

He growled.

Light shook his head and closed his eyes. "No dad!"

"No stop!" Misa screamed.

A bang rang out and the three of us gasped. We sat there  shocked, we had never

seen anything like that before. I stared at Light's frightened face as he sat back and

gasped. They both stared at the gun in shock, it was a fake.

"Y-You used a blank?" Light asked shaken with fear.

The Chief lowered the gun and sighed in relief. He had done awesome! Reicheru

and I stood up and cheered.

"Nice job Chief!" Reicheru clapped.

"That was amazing!" I smiled.

"Wow, that was so cool!" Matsuda chimed in.

The Chief sat foreword in his chair with his eyes closed and he shook slightly. He

gave a sigh of relief. "Oh… That goodness…" He collapsed on the steering wheel.

Misa and Light stared at him frightened and confused.

"T-Thank goodness?" Light asked confused. "What's going on…? I don't


"Please… Forgive me you two… I know that was hard on you… but it was the

only way I could get you out of prison…" He put his head down. "You must

understand… I only agreed to do this because I believe in your innocence Light… Were

you watching Ryuzaki?" He slightly lifted his head to the camera. "I did exactly as you

said, and as you can see, I am still alive."

Light gasped and Misa looked at him confused.

"Yes, it was a convincing performance." L said. "If Amane were the second Kira

and only needs to see a person's face to kill, there is no doubt she would have killed you

before you had the chance to fire your weapon. Also, if Light was in fact Kira, the Kira I

know wouldn't hesitate to kill even his own father to save himself. With Light in

particular I can not rule out the possibility that he could have seen through our act at

some point. However, as we agreed I will end their confinement immediately. And as we

discussed, Amane will remain under surveillance until Kira is caught. With physical

evidence from the tapes, it will be like this until we get a confession."

"Hey! You still suspect me?!" Misa whimpered.

I took the microphone from L. "Hey, I'd be happy if I were you. Your life will be

going back to normal, and if you are innocent like you say you aren't here should be no

problem. And you're really lucky you aren't dead right now."

"Ohhh! Since I'm not the second Kira it will be like having my own body guard."

I shrugged.

L playfully grabbed the microphone away from me and gave me a quick smile.

"As for your part in this agreement Light. You and I will be together 24/7, and that is

how we will remain until we bring Kira to justice."

Light stared at the camera for awhile and L stared back. Light finally smiled.

"Fine by me. We'll catch Kira, together."

"Yes, I look foreword to working with you."


The Chief, Light, and Misa were on their way back to the hotel. Matsuda,

Reicheru, and Aizawa were talking in a circle while I sat on a chair with L. I wasn't sure

what to say, but today was amazing. I had a feeling L still suspected Light, which mean I

did too. L wasn't ever wrong, and I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that this

was all a bad idea. I felt bad for Light, but I wanted him to stay in confinement. But oh

well, L had made him choice, and I wasn't going to argue.

"So, do you still think I'm doing the right thing?" L finally asked.

I looked at him a bit surprised then sighed. "I don't know what's right


He went to put his arm around me but quickly pulled away as he glanced behind

us at the others. He leaned close and whispered in my ear. "I would tell people about us,

but I don't want Kira to somehow find out about my feelings for you."

I nodded. "I understand."

He leaned even closer so his nose was almost touching mine. "Buuuuuut, after all

this Kira stuff is over," he took a long breath, "I won't have to hide anything anymore."

Since L didn't exactly have any problem with getting into peoples' personal

space, if the others saw us like this, they wouldn't think anything of it. Except Reicheru,

but she already knew about us. I couldn't help but giggle slightly as I playfully pushed

him back.

"Alright." I smiled.


L locked a handcuff onto his wrist and Light held up his arm with a handcuff on it

also. When Light and Misa had arrived they were quickly cleaned up. After that Light

was quickly handcuffed to L and Misa was assigned body guards, which was Reicheru

and I. This was going to be horrible…

"Are you sure this is necessary Ryuzaki?" Light asked while staring at his


L held up his arm too. "This is as difficult for me as it is for you."

At least the chain was long so they could have some personal space… I shivered

at the thought of having to be chained to anyone. That would suck!

"So is this what you mean by being with him 24/7? Looking at you I never

would've guessed. Are you on that side of the fence Ryuzaki?" Misa asked teasingly.

At that point I wanted to hit her over the head. L and I both glared at her, wow she

was annoying. Just her voice bugged me!

"I told you I'm not doing this because I want to." L said sternly.

"But Light belongs to me! I don't want to share him with you! If you're with him

24/7 how are we supposed to go on dates together?!" Misa whined.

Oh God please kill me… I thought.

"Oh you can still go on dates together. But it will have to be the three of us." L

said looking at her plainly.

Misa flinched. "No way! Are you saying we have to kiss in front of you and


"I'm not telling you to do anything, but yes, I suppose I would be watching."

"That's so gross! You really are a pervert aren't you?!"

"Light pleaaaase make Misa stop talking now." L whimpered.

I wanted to hug him, but I had to control myself…

Light looked at her. "Listen Misa that's enough! The police have already

established that it was you who had those tapes so you're even lucky to be here right

now. They have every right-"

Misa looked worriedly at him and pointed at herself. "Huh? How could you even

say that Light?! Incase you've forgot I'm your girlfriend! Don't you trust your own soul


I glanced around and everyone looked really ticked off, especially the Chief and


Light flinched. "What do you mean 'soul mate'? You're the one who said you fell

in love with me at first sight, Misa."

"Oooo! Diss!" Reicheru laughed.

L and I couldn't help but laugh a little either.

Misa looked shocked. "HUH?!" Tears formed in her eyes. "So why did you kiss

me if you didn't have feelings for me?! You took advantage of me?!" She started hitting

him in the chest. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"

We all stared at her funny and I felt my face boiling. She was really getting on my

nerves, I felt like exploding.

"About this 'love-at-first-sight'," L interrupted which caused Misa to look back at

him. "It happened at Aoyama on May 22nd, correct?"

"So what?" Misa grumbled.

"Why did you choose that day to go to Aoyama? And do you remember what you


Misa quickly turned around. "It's like I told you! I just happened to go there! I

don't know why, I don't remember how it happened, and I don't even remember what I

was wearing! Anyways, since when do I have a reason to hang out in Aoyama huh?"

Misa asked getting in his face.

"So when you came out of Aoyama you knew you were in love with some guy

named Light?" L asked calmly.

Misa stomped her foot and puts her hands on her hips. "Yes!"

"Aaaand, yet you yourself don't know how you knew his name."

Misa got closer, so close she could almost kiss him… Which made me furious.

"Yeah! So what?!"

"Tell me, what if Light was Kira? How would it make you feel?"

Misa looked at him shocked. "Huh? How would I feel if Light was Kira?"

"That's right."

She took a deep breath then before you knew it she was by Light's side hugging

his arm. "That'd be wonderful…" She sighed dreamily. She closed her eyes and rubbed

her head against his arm affectionately. "I mean, I've always been grateful to Kira for

punishing the man who killed my parents. So if I found out Light was actually Kira that

would be like a bonus for me! If anything I'd make me love him even more! Even though

it's practically impossible to love him more then I already do!" She smiled up at him

happily and Light just smiled back a little freaked out.

"It's Kira though. You'd love him even more for that? I mean wouldn't you be

afraid? He might try to kill you." L said darkly.

"You're talking about Light being Kira?" She hugged his arm tighter. "He

wouldn't be scary at all! I'm a supporter of Kira so if I found out my Light was actually

him I'd find out how I could be helpful." She started to rub her head against his arm


I crossed my arms. "Well now that you mention it, if Light was Kira that does

sound a little less scary." I murmured.

L looked at me confused. "That's very generous of you but I'm pretty sure Kira

doesn't need your help. Well, Misa, based on what you've just told me there can be no

mistake that you are the second Kira. But you made it so painfully obvious I almost don't

want to believe it."

Misa hid behind Light. "Whatever! It's not believable because I'm not the second

Kira okay?!" She stuck her tongue out at him.

Immediately my blood started to boil. I think my face probably turned red cause

Reicheru was looking at me funny.

"Anyway, for the time being you'll remain under surveillance. When you do go

out if needed you'll be able to contact us using this rooms extension. For the most part

your life will return to normal but from now on except Matsuda will be following you as

your new manager when you're Misa Misa. No one knows he's a police so don't blow his


Matsuda smiled and waved.

Misa pouted. "This guy's gonna be my manager? Oh you can't be serious!"

Matsuda flinched. "Oh come on! What's wrong with me Misa Misa? Is it the tie


I finally just lost it. "CAN YOU ALL JUST SHUT UP ABOUT MISA MISA?!


Aizawa looked at me shocked. "She just took the words right out of my mouth!"

L, Matsuda, Reicheru, and Light stared at me shocked. Misa looked like she

wanted to kill me and the Chief just stared at me a little funny.

Matsuda rubbed the back of his neck. "Sorry about that Kasumi…"

I rubbed my temples and my face felt like it was on fire. "Wait… No, I know

what the problem is." I growled as I walked of to Misa. "I think it's time for you to

leave." I growled again.

"But whyyyyyyy?!" She whimpered as I pushed her towards the door.

"Because you're annoying!" I opened the door and she tried to run back to Light

but I grabbed her arm and threw her out.

She quickly opened the door and poked her head in as I tried to close the door on

her. "Hey Light! Let's go on a date even if it is the three of us!"

Aizawa quickly ran over and helped me slam the door closed and we locked it. He

wiped his forehead and I leaned against the door and sighed. Light and L looked at us


"So Light… Are you serious about her…?" L asked.

Light smiled and closed his eyes. "No way! Like I told you earlier it's completely

one sided."

L turned around to face him. "Then could you at least pretend to be serious for the

sake of the investigation? There are two things I know about Amane for sure: one that

she's in fault of this and two," he chuckled, "that she's in love with you."

"Y-You want me to be serious with her to gather information on the second Kira?"

"Yes. I think you could do it without arousing her suspicions, and Amane would

be a valuable source of information for us. Not to mention this is the main reason I agreed

to release the two of you."

Light glared at him. "Ryuzaki, as much as I want to help you and as important the

Kira case is to me I can't manipulate a woman's feelings like that."


"Please try to understand that. To me, using peoples' person feelings for a game

in unforgivable." he growled. "I won't allow myself to stoop that low."

L was apparently giving him a weird look because Light's expression suddenly

turned soft. "Hmm…? What's wrong Ryuzaki?"

"N-Nothing. I suppose you're right after all. However, considering that Misa will

have a lot of contact with the public it would be helpful to make sure she doesn't leak


"By the way, do you think we can come up with some kind of alternative to this

moving system from hotel to hotel every few days?"

"Yes! In fact I had that same idea a time ago sooo..." L started to walk to a

computer which made Light get pulled along. "I arranged for a facility to be built. The

instructions started right after my first meeting with Mr. Yagami and the others. It should

be finished in a few days…" L sat down on his chair and started to type on his laptop.

"Where- Oh here it is." He clicked on a picture of a HUGE blue building! "23 floors

above ground and two below. Although it's impossible to see in from the outside there

are two helicopters in our roof."

"What?!" Light asked amazed.

Me myself was staring at the building amazed. It was beautiful, and not to

mention huge!

"It's amazing Ryuzaki!" Reicheru shouted.

"Ideally I want  all of us to spend as much time here as possible. If the

investigation team grows we can house up to 60 people. Misa shouldn't have any

complaints since she'll have her own floor." L grumbled at the last sentence which made

me smile.

"This is truly impressive!" Light said. "To go to such a length-"

"Hold on a second!" Matsuda cut in. "Where did you find the finances to build

this thing?"

"As you can see it is my intention to solve this case no matter what it takes. That's

how it is…"

Aizawa squinted and raised his hand. "I'm sorry abut how is that an answer?!"

"No he's right!" Light shouted. "I'll never forgive Kira for putting my father and I

though this. I want to solve this no matter what it takes."

L looked back at him. "If you're serious then you should try to get close to Misa

and find out about the second Kira-"

"I can't do that, it goes against my principles." Light interrupted.

"Right, you said that." L pouted and looked back at the computer. "What a

shame." He mumbled.

Aizawa chuckled and the Chief and I looked at him funny.

"Hmmm…?" The Chief asked.

Aizawa looked at him. "Oh, nothing, I'm just feeling really motivated now,

Chief!" He looked at all of us. "Ryuzaki, Chief Yagami, Light, Reicheru, Maro, let's get

out there and bring Kira to justice!"

Matsuda leaned in. "Excuse me! I can't help but notice that you missed my


~~~~THE NEXT DAY~~~~

I got to work early so I could bring L some coffee. Once I had gotten it I had

realized Light was going to be there… I'd give him mine. I went to L's hotel room and

found him at the computer with Light standing by his chair. I was somewhat jealous of


"Good morning Ryuzaki." I nodded at Light. "Light."

He gave me a sweet smile. "Hello Kasumi."

"…. I brought coffee for you guys."

L turned around in his chair and I handed him his then gave one to Light. L sipped

him. "Mmm… Thank you very much. And good morning to you too." He gave me a

quick smile before looking back at the computer.

"So," Light began. "This new building seems cool, huh Kasumi?"

I nodded. "Yes, L once again came up with a great idea."

"Ha ha, yeah. As always…"

I leaned over L's chair and looked over his shoulder at the computer. He was

looking at his beautiful building. I was tempted to kiss him on the cheek, but I had to

refrain from doing that in front of anyone.

"Well is the building almost finished?" I asked.

"Almost. It should be done by today or tomorrow."

"So why is no one here yet?"

"Oh… I must have forgotten to tell you there was no work today."

"What?! So I came here early for nothing?"

He smiled. "Yes."

"Well you can always hang out with us." Light jumped in and giving me a quick


"… Nooo… That's alright. I'm going to go hang out with my friend." I quickly left and went back to my car.

What was with Light? Did he like me or something? He sure acted like it when it

was just us two. Well it didn't matter. My heart belongs to L, and it always will.
Finally got a chapter done!
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